She Done R.U.N.N.O.F.T.

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Greetings from (checks map) somewhere in Oregon! Here’s a picture of today’s office.

If you aren’t up to date on Real Life Rocklyn, here’s a little info: I am officially living the life nomadic now! (Cue confetti and steamers!)

No, really, I have wanted to live on the road since I was four. Yes. Four years old. My mother says I take after my dad.

I’m excited to be back at the keyboard, making imaginary people fall in love again– and with any luck, making them feel less than imaginary!

I have a long to-do list for getting back to work, and the blog was a good starting point–If you have something you’d like to say, send me an email! Tell me whatever!

Unfortunately, commenting is off on the blog due to intensive amounts of spam that comes through and I just don’t have the time or desire to moderate all those fake comments.

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The focus is on writing more books.